July 2016


After five minutes the fearful sounds subsided and it became quiet once again. Pondit mohashoy asked the watchman to investigate the cause of the sound. The watchman armed himself with a long bamboo stick, and with its assistance probed below the planks. Very slowly and with great caution he removed a canister - it was Ramapada's canister! Some remnants of the sweets were still sticking inside it.

Pondit mohashoy creased his brows and asked, "Whose canister is this?"

"It's mine," Ramapada said.

The instant he said this, he felt both his ears being twisted painfully.

"What was in the container?" pondit mohashoy asked.

Ramapada realised that the entire blame for the commotion had fallen on his shoulders. The poor chap therefore made haste to explain, "Sir, I had brought sweets in it, and then ........."

".... And then the sweets turned into firecrackers and started bursting, isn't it?" pondit mohashoy completed the sentence on his own without allowing Ramapada to have his say. He followed up the sentence by slapping Ramapada hard on the face twice.

The other teachers gathered in our classroom to enquire; they, too, were angry at Ramapada. We realised that Ramapada was in deep trouble; the poor fellow was going to be punished for no fault of his! Just then, Dashu picked up my slate and showed it to Pondit mohashoy. "See sir, while you were sleeping they were playing tic-tac-toe," he said. My name was written on the slate. Pondit mohashoy raised his hands to slap me hard, but lowered it again in embarrassment. He turned towards Dashu with glowering eyes and said, "Shut up! Who says I was sleeping?" Dashu stood for a while with his mouth open and then by way of an explanation said, "You were snoring!" Pondit mohashoy quickly changed the subject and said, "I see! They were all playing, were they? And what were you doing?" Dashu replied without the slightest hesitation, "I was igniting the firecrackers." We couldn't believe our ears! What was the fellow saying!

For half minute there was absolute silence; no one spoke a word. Then pondit mohashoy roared, "Why were you igniting the firecrackers?" Dashu wasn't easily frightened. He pointed towards Ramapada and said, "Why didn't he offer me sweets?" Such strange logic left Ramapada puzzled. "Those were my sweets; I could do whatever I liked with them," he said. Dashu immediately chipped in, "Those were my firecrackers; I could do anything with them as I liked." There was no point in arguing with a crazy boy; the teachers went back to their own classrooms after scolding him. Dashu got away without any punishment because of his eccentricity. After school we tried to reason with Dashu. But despite all our efforts to prove to him that he was in the wrong, Dashu wouldn't agree. "They were my firecrackers and it was Ramapada's container; so, if I have done anything wrong, he is also to be equally blamed. He deserved to be punished," Dashu said.


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