Our Journey


Youthaffairz is published from Pune, Maharashtra. It was created and went online towards the end of 2010 just for kicks, without any clear direction. Gradually over the years, a sense of direction has emerged. The intention is to develop Youthaffairz as an educational site for the school students. Of course, everyone is welcome to visit, not just school students.

Students love their language textbooks because they contain stories. Stories by Munshi Premchand and Rabindranath Tagore are an integral part of the textbooks. Youthaffairz has tried to translate a few of these stories into English and provided short summaries for the benefit of students. Our interpretation of the stories could be erroneous, but we hope the summaries will assist the students in developing their own ideas and to arrive at their own interpretations.

Similarly, we have included several school math problems under the garb of "Brain Teasers". These teasers have been compiled from various sources but reworded differently. We have done this with the honest intention of helping students in their learning process. Good puzzles and teasers are the creations of brilliant minds, and brilliant minds wouldn't want to stifle the learning process. That's what we believe. If math problems are presented as brain teasers, it makes learning much more fun. The solutions to these problems have been worked out by us; there is every likelihood they may be clumsy solutions and even entirely wrong. We have provided the solutions only to assist students to work out better solutions on their own. It is always better to work out solutions on your own without looking at the answers.

Youthaffairz doesn’t want to appear as a bespectacled, serious-looking, and bookwormish website. We hope to include all kinds of subjects, which interest the youth: sports, science, entrepreneurship, social service, arts, literature, career guidance ... The list is endless.

We invite you to send in your articles. But other than providing a platform for showcasing your creativity, we will not be able to reward you monetarily. We are very small. We also invite you to contact us if you wish to collaborate and team with Youthaffairz in any way; we shall love it.

If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us. You may contact us at youthaffairz@gmail.com, editor@youthaffairz.in, or feedback@youthaffairz.in.