Spattered by a Car

This is a picture of Premchand It proved to be an inauspicious day for the brahmin pandit who was on his way to advise a client on an auspicious day for a wedding.

"Motor ke Chhinte" is a short humorous story by Munshi Premchand. The story tells about the extreme anger experienced by a brahmin pandit when a car runs over a puddle of water and splashes muddy water over him. Many, who have faced similar situations themselves, are likely to appreciate how shashtriji went about taking his revenge.

To start with, shashtriji had plenty of reasons to be in a good mood. He had been invited by a client to decide an auspicious day for a wedding. He would certainly get a silver rupee as a consultation fee, and there would be a free and sumptuous breakfast. The thought of a silver rupee and good food was likely to make anyone happy.

It had rained heavily the night before and there were puddles of water on the road. As shashtriji walked to his client's house immersed in pleasant thoughts, a car ran over a puddle and splashed muddy water over him. His clothes were ruined. He could not go to the client's house in such a state; he had come a long way from home and it was not possible to return and change; onlookers were clapping in glee. Shashtriji had never suffered such humiliation before. Shashtriji decided at once that it was his duty to teach these errant motorists a lesson.

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Mistaken Identity

Funny picture of a dog wearing a hat Those were the days when the state-owned telephone company enjoyed a complete monopoly and faced no competition. Mobile phones were unheard of in those days and the telephone company provided only land-line connections. Being the only telephone company, its employees were held in awe. The telephone company used to publish a telephone directory annually. A private operator had tied up with the telephone company for publishing yellow pages. Yellow pages list businesses by categories; the business houses could insert advertisements in the yellow pages to be easily discovered. The revenue from these advertisements was the source of income for the private operator...

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A 'Marb(v)ellous' Scheme!

Marbles in a glass vase While returning home from the office, I went to a nearby store and purchased some marbles for my son. He had been pestering me for the past one week to buy him marbles. You should have seen the sparkle in Ravi's eyes when I showed him the small glass balls. Well, if he thought he was getting them just like that, he was wrong. I wanted to teach Ravi a few arithmetic lessons using the marbles...

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