Crazy Dashu

This is the cover of a book by Sukumar Ray His name is Dashroti, but is known among friends as “Crazy Dashu”. It’s an unfair appellation; Dashu is not crazy but he is an intelligent and good-natured soul who likes to play some crazy tricks just for fun, and sometimes to get even.

It was undiluted joy to grow up reading stories by Sukumar Ray, the celebrated father of celebrated film-maker Satyajit Ray. One character from Sukumar Ray's stories who will forever remain etched in the reader's mind is Dashu - Pagla Dashu.

Pagla Dashu's antics are fun to read, although those at the receiving end of the pranks would certainly not have found them funny. Dashu comes to school dressed in English-style clothing so that he may learn the English language better; he cannot sing for tuppence but sings at the top of his voice before the school inspector; the neighbours find it useful to engage him as a scarecrow; Jagbandhu, the teacher's favourite, is cured of his snobbery by Dashu; his curious friends wouldn't dare to meddle in his affairs now because Dashu has taught them a lesson. That's Dashu for you!

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Going Round in Circles

Funny picture of a dog wearing a hat One fine day I received a memo from my head-office informing me that I had been transferred to the Ahmedabad branch and should report there within a month.

I had to pack my bags. After bidding adieu to my beloved city, Pune, I reached Ahmedabad. When I alighted at the Ahmedabad railway station in the morning, I was overcome with a sense of gloom. I was a complete stranger to the city, and I was homeless!

Fortunately, I had a friend in Ahmedabad who agreed to accommodate me till the time I found some accommodation of my own.

After a few days, with the help of office colleagues, I managed to find an apartment on rent.

I had to shift during the night because I worked late into the evenings. Shifting was no problem as I had brought along only a single suitcase ...

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Super Cyclist

Picture of bicycles Cycling is a good exercise. When I got my first job, I decided to cycle to the office every day.

An odometer was attached to my bicycle, so I knew at what speed I was cycling.

I had to report at the office at 12.30 pm every day. On the very first day, I rode at 10 kmph and reached office at 1 pm. My boss scolded me and told me that if I was late again, I will have to start looking for another job.

Next day, I started from home at the same time but rode at 15 kmph. I reached reached the office at 11 am. This was too early!

Can you tell me at what speed I should cycle so that I reach office at 12 noon? That, I think, should be the perfect time to reach office.

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