Drunken Stupor

This is a picture of Premchand Ishwari and Bir are friends and fellow students who stay together in a hostel. Ishwari's father is a rich landlord and Bir's father is a poor clerk. Bir always critcizes landlords describing them as blood-sucking leeches. Ishwari listens to the criticisms without getting offended; he has nothing to say in defence of the landlords.

Bir's hatred for the landlords and his talk of high principles is not due to any love for the poor, but rather it is because of his own poor state; he wishes he were wealthy. He would have loved to live a lavish lifestyle; his high principles wouldn't have troubled him then.

During the Dussera vacations, Bir cannot return home because he has no money for the fare. Ishwari invites him to spend the vacation at his place. Ishwari introduces Bir to his family and others as belonging to an influential family. This causes the people to treat Bir with respect. The respect gets to Bir's head and he starts behaving as though he really were from a wealthy family. He is intoxicated by his new status!

However, during their return journey to the hostel in an overcrowded train, matters come to a head when co-passengers take exception to Bir's rude behaviour. That acts like cold water, and Bir finds himself waking up from his drunken stupour.

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Funny picture of a dog wearing a hat I was standing in the cinema theatre premises, waiting for the ticket window to open. The window had not opened yet and the people, who had come to buy the tickets, were wandering about or looking at the posters or gathered around the popcorn counter. A handful number of people like me were waiting under the shade of the trees.

The people had not queued up before the ticket window because there was not much of a crowd; once the window opened, it wouldn't take long to get the tickets.

I was standing under a tree and thinking of nothing. The tickets were for some of my relatives who had arrived from Kolkata a few days ago on a visit. They would be reaching the cinema hall after a nice lunch and just minutes before the film was to be screened; I would hand over the tickets to them and return home. I had been ordered to forsake my lunch, stand in the queue, and obtain the tickets. I could have my lunch later.

My tummy had started grumbling and when I said I was thinking of nothing, I had lied. I was, in fact, thinking of food, more food, and still more food.

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A Long Way to Go!

Delicious laddoos Whenever guests come to my house, I try to slink away. Don't get me wrong. It is not that I dislike guests, but on such occasions, Mother almost always sends me to the sweet shop to buy sweets for the guests. Now, if the sweet shop were nearby I would willingly walk that distance, but the fact is that the shop is very far from my house and, since I don't have a bicycle, I have to walk all that distance. I am a frail fellow and hate all kinds of physical exercises.

Well, we had guests last Sunday and mother wanted me to go and buy some sweets. I had to go. Mother sounded me to return early. I bought the sweets and returned home. But I was late; the guests had left! Mother glared at me and said something about fellows not capable of discharging their responsibilities.

I was hurt. While returning back, I had walked some distance and then, realising I would be late, had run the rest of the distance. Now let me tell you that I run three times as fast as I walk. I had walked twice the time I had run. Using this strategy, I had reached home in 21 minutes. Yet I was late! Was it my fault?

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