Generation Gap

"Grandpa, can I borrow your mobile phone?"

My septuagenarian uncle was reading the newspaper when 10-year-old Boltu, the neighbour's son, came rushing in and made the request.

"I have to call Ma; she has gone to the bazaar to buy vegetables. Some guests have arrived at home, and I must inform her."

"Certainly, Boltu," Uncle said, and he began searching for his cell phone.

"Where have I kept it?" Uncle murmured. "Your Baba must be in the office," he said, addressing Boltu.

"Yes," Boltu replied shortly. He was not a person who enjoyed small talk at all.

"When did you last use the phone, Grandpa?"

"Two days ago, I think."

"Oh! I always ask Ma and Baba to buy me a cell phone. If they had done so, I would not be troubling you now."

"It is no trouble. But, at my age, I can't seem to remember where I keep things."

Suddenly, there was the sound of the phone ringing, and the culprit was discovered hiding under the pillow.

Uncle removed it lovingly from its hiding place. It was the only mobile phone he had ever purchased, way back in 2008, much before Boltu was born.

It was apparent from the calling number that it was from a telemarketer. Uncle rejected the call.

"Here you are," Uncle said, giving the phone to Boltu.

Boltu took it without much enthusiasm. He turned the phone this way and that way and finally gave it back to Uncle.

"What is the matter?"

"Grandpa, I asked for your mobile phone, not the television remote."

"But this is my mobile phone!"

"No, Grandpa. A mobile phone has Internet, camera, video, and so many other things."

"But you want to make a call to your Ma, don’t you?"


"You can make a call from this TV remote," Uncle said, giving the phone back to Boltu.

The boy was doubtful, but he punched his Ma's number and was overjoyed when she answered the call.

He informed his mother about the guests and asked her to come home soon.

"It works, Grandpa!" Boltu said. He gave the phone back to Uncle and dashed away at top speed.

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