Hemvati wiped the sweat off his brows and asked, "Where did you disappear since morning?"

Akshay Kumar, trying to appear as grim as possible, said, "I experienced liver pain, so I went to Dr. Chaddha."

A flicker of a smile played on Hemvati's lips. "You never mentioned this to me before. Liver pain is a serious symptom and must not be ignored."

Akshay Kumar: The doctor said there was no need to worry.

Hemvati: Dr. Kitchlew gives better medicines; Dr. Chaddha might not have been able to get to the root of the problem.

Akshay Kumar glanced at her sharply once and resumed eating. After the meals, he went to his room. In the evening when he rode in the carriage to the park and garden, there was a youthful rosy hue on his face. Yet, he felt very angry today - angry at nature for depriving him of beauty. He would have willingly exchanged his beautiful gown and law diploma for a shapely nose.

Dr. Kitchlew's beautiful ivy-covered bungalow dazzled like the day in the night. Pillars of the gates, the arched ceilings and verandah, and tops of trees that stood in rows were all decorated and illuminated by light bulbs. Man's skill with electricity was casting its colorful magic all around. The festooned welcome sign over the door, colourful birds in the trees, and flowers on the creepers were all the result of this show with electricity. The town's well-heeled were sauntering about under the pleasant illumination. There was still some time before the commencement of the dramatic performance; people were eagerly waiting for the show to begin. Dr. Kitchlew stood by the door welcoming the guests. It was around 8 p.m. when a grandly-attired Akshay Babu alighted from his carriage. Dr. Kitchlew was taken aback by Akshay Babu's grand appearance; he stepped forward to welcome the guest and looked at him from head to toe. He had never imagined that Babu Akshay Kumar could transform into a stripling upon wearing fashionable clothes. This was a clear example of rejuvenation before his eyes!

People, on seeing Akshay Babu, gathered around him. Everyone seemed surprised; they looked at one another inquiringly. Their faces sought the refuge of handkerchiefs and their eyes seemed to talk in whispers. Every person, sounding very casual, inquired about Akshay Babu’s mood.

Akshay Babu blushed in embarrassment and could not meet the eyes of the inquirers. When the crowd dispersed, he ran his eyes all around in search of the woman in green and said to himself, "Clowns! I will soon cause them to lift the veil from their eyes; they will see that I, too, am admired by beautiful women who are sincerely concerned about my mood and to whom I can reveal the sorrows of my heart." But the lover in the green dress was nowhere to be seen. His eyes scanned the surroundings, but every time his gaze returned unrewarded.


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