One Minute of Fame

A card sticking out of the shirt pocket

Long, long ago, when I was in the university, I thought I should read a few books. I went to the library and enrolled myself as a member.

The librarian gave me a card that had my name and course details nicely printed on it. The card was large. When I put it in my shirt pocket, half of it protruded out.

I rarely went to the library after getting the card. If I did go to the library and did borrow a book, I don't remember ever reading the book. But the library card was always there in my pocket, half of it forever sticking out.

The university was big, and there were scores and scores of students. I knew no one, and no one knew me.

Thomas was the only person from outside my course whom I knew. We had been classmates at school. The university canteen was incomplete without Thomas; if someone wished to meet Thomas, they only had to head for the canteen at any hour of the day.

It was time to pay the library subscription. I went to the library, paid the subscription, and borrowed the fattest book.

After completing these tasks, I went to the canteen. I found Thomas sitting at a corner table and joined him. Shortly, a friend of Thomas also joined; we had not met before.

Thomas felt he should introduce us.

"This is Umesh," Thomas told me.

Before Thomas could say anything further, Umesh grabbed my hand and gave it a vigorous shake. "Hi Prakash, it is nice meeting you," he said.

My chest swelled in pride. It seemed I was quite famous in the university. Thomas had not told Umesh my name, but he knew it!

Umesh was a brilliant conversationalist. After a while, he excused himself, saying he had to attend a lecture. He left.

The moment he was gone, I turned to Thomas and said, "Hey, I am quite a famous personality in the university; everyone knows me."

"Shut up," Thomas said. "Just turn over the library card in your pocket; it is yelling out your name."

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