Professional Hazards

I work as a newspaper reporter. I admit that many people in my profession have certain notions about themselves. One of the beliefs that they harbour is that they have the right to invade upon the privacy of others, and at any time of the day and night!

The crime reporter, that is the reporter who reports on matters of crime, has to have good relations with the police since the latter is the main supplier of news. The crime reporter, therefore, maintains the phone numbers of all the police officers and others.

It would be all right if the reporter calls up a police officer on some serious matter. But this does not always happen. This is an incident narrated by a police officer himself.

After a tiring day which had extended into the night, the police officer returned home. It was very late and the other members of the family had gone to sleep.

The officer finished a quick meal and just then his mobile phone rang.

"Hello Sir, this is .....," the reporter identified himself.

The police officer was acquainted with the reporter and so he had to be courteous. Besides, the officer thought that the reporter had called up to seek information on some crime in his jurisdiction. It helps to offer such information if it does not hamper with the investigations because the cooperation of the people is then obtained.

However, this particular reporter had apparently not called to gather information on news matter.

This is how the conversation progressed:

"How are you Sir?"

"I am fine, thank you. How are you?"

"I am also fine, thank you. Have you had you meals, Sir?"

"I have just had my dinner."

"What are you doing now, Sir? Watching television?"

"No, I am preparing to go to bed."

"Okay, then. I think I will also turn in for the night. Good night, Sir." The reporter signed off.

"Good night," the officer replied almost gnashing at his teeth.

The time was well past midnight and the reporter had called up only to make this small talk!

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