Latest fashion!

"That's a nice T-shirt you are wearing," Medha told me, and I was as pleased as punch. But why should she compliment me on such an old T-shirt I could not understand. I had been wearing it regularly and she had never complimented me before. So, what prompted her to comment on the T-shirt today?

"Lovely T-shirt!"

This time it was Jatin.

Now, I had never known Jatin to compliment anyone. Jatin was one of those persons who believed that they were superior to the others and that even their choice of apparel or accessories was always the best.

Thus, the T-shirt must indeed be very good if Jatin said so. But the compliment, coming so late, confounded me.

A small "Thank you" is all that I could manage to say.

So, you see, I had every reason to feel pleased.

In fact, while coming to office that morning, I had not paid much attention to my dress. It was a Saturday and the office rules permitted informal wear on Saturdays. I had just grabbed the T-shirt and hurried off as I had to reach the office a little early and I was getting late.

Medha and Jatin were the only early birds but others had started trickling in.

Entered Anjali, Suhas and Mohit in a group and wished a "good morning" to Jatin and Medha. They turned their attention to greet me. Wished me a cheery good morning but Anjali broke into uncontrollable giggles.

What was there to giggle, I wondered. The others also broke into a laugh.

Now, this was getting really annoying.

Just then, Mr Singh, our boss, entered and everybody maintained a respectful silence.

Mr Singh has the irritating habit of shaking hands with one and all. After finishing off with the others, he came to me and gave my hands a vigorous shake.

And, then, giving me a queer look, commented, "If wearing T-shirts inside out is not a new fashion, I would advise you to go to the washroom and wear it the proper way. We will soon be having clients here and I would not want them to go away with the impression that we always do things the wrong way."

That was it! Well, poor me, I went to the washroom as advised and came out wearing the T-shirt as it is intended to be worn.

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