Life's Lessons

It was past 9 pm when I stepped out of the office. I started my motorcycle and rode homewards.

My home is around ten kilometres from the office. After covering around five kilometres or so, the motorcycle spluttered and came to an abrupt halt.

I tried to start the motorcycle again, but it refused to start. I was desperate now and a bit angry at the unfaithful motorcycle for ditching me. In my anger, I lunged at the kick-lever violently and repeatedly. But still the motorcycle refused to come to life. A few violent kicks later, I found the kick-lever had come off the spindle. I was not carrying any tool kit, so I could not repair it. I tried to start the motorcycle by pushing it after engaging a gear. But that also did not work.

My bike had stopped at a place where parking it would not have been a safe bet. I was, therefore, faced with the prospect of dragging it along for a distance of almost five kilometres - a prospect I did not relish, especially after putting in eight hours of work in the office. Besides, the weather was wet; it had rained a few hours earlier. The roads were full of potholes, which had filled up with water. Pushing a bike home in such conditions was not appealing. Moreover, it could start raining again. It was a little over 9.30 pm.

But I had no option; I started pushing the motorcycle. After going some distance, I saw a man fall down after his motorcycle ran over a huge water-filled pot-hole.

I went to his help. I lifted his fallen motorcycle, offered him a hand to raise himself, and picked up his spectacles. The man did not utter a word, not even a word of thanks. He only shook his head when I asked him if he had hurt himself. There was nothing more I could do and, so, commenced my laborious march homewards.

The man, meanwhile, gathered himself up, started his vehicle, and rode past me.

After a while, I saw the man returning.

"One good turn deserves another," I thought to myself, thoroughly convinced that the man was returning to help me.

"Do you know where I should complain about the bad roads?" he asked me.

I told him.

After receiving this information, the man rode off once again and did not return.

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