Empty words of advice!

My sister fell ill and had to be admitted to a hospital. I accompanied her to the hospital as a companion and remained there till the time she was discharged.

After a four-day stay in the hospital when my sister was discharged, both of us were glad that we were returning home.

After completing the formalities, we stepped out of the ward and made for the exit. My sister was still feeling rather weak and her pace was sluggish. She often lagged behind as we headed for the auto-rickshaw stand.

As we walked towards the exit, I decided to repeat all the advice that the doctor had given to her: "Take your medicines regularly. Don't skip them," I told her.

"You must start exercising a little - at least, take a hour-long walk every day," I continued.

"Reduce the intake of salt," my words of wisdom continued to flow.

"Use less amount of oil while cooking," I told her.

But my words of advice seemed to be falling on deaf ears because there was no response from my sister. The hospital corridor was quite crowded and probably my sister had not heard me properly over the usual hustle and bustle, I thought and repeated my pearls of wisdom.

But still there was no response from my sister.

I turned around to her, only to find she was not there. I had been talking aloud all to myself all this while. I looked back and saw that my sister had fallen back considerably and was slowly making her way towards me.

Other people were looking at me quizzically, and I could only offer them a sheepish grin. All my words of advice had been blown away by the wind. What a waste!

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