Love really hurts

By Prasad Joshi

This is an incident which occurred, fortunately not with me, but with a friend of mine.

Now, this friend of mine had an eye on a girl in our class. Well, nothing wrong with that as we were of an age which was susceptible to such "love at first glance" incidents. But, then, this was not a matter of just one glance since the friend was getting an eyeful of the girl every day in college.

The problem lay in the fact that the girl was beautiful and elegant and was, therefore, the cynosure of all eyes. She had a bucketful of suitors who clamoured for her attention.

My friend, owing to his meekness, had not mustered up courage to declare his love but he was determined and resolved to bare his heart on a Valentine's Day.

When the Day arrived, the friend rushed to the nearest florist and expended all his pocket money on purchasing the loveliest roses for his beloved. Which girl would have the audacity to refuse such beautiful gift, and the bearer consequently! The matter was sealed ... the girl was his forever now, so the friend thought.

The friend spotted the girl of his dreams, put on his brightest smile, and made a beeline to offer floral tributes to his deity.

That was a mistake!

The queen was already surrounded by a bunch of admirers. These admirers did not take kindly to the intrusion and my friend emerged from the melee with his eyes all black and blue, and his hair dishevelled. This was only to be expected as it was a case of one against too many. And, all this while, the girl merely stood there watching the contest with an air of nonchalance.

My friend learnt his lesson well and avoided the girl like plague thereafter. But this was an insult which he could not swallow and resolved to transform himself from a weakling into a Tarzan. This resolve led him to enrol himself in a judo coaching class. He went on to earn a number of coloured belts after years of patient practice. But, then, college life had ended, we had developed a degree of maturity, besides friends and foes alike had gone their ways after stepping out of the portals of the college.

Teaching and munching

By Sudha Ramasubramanian

My life in college can be termed nothing more than boring. However, this boring life sometimes took an exciting and adventurous turn thanks to my super naughty friends.

This was an incident which occurred when I was doing my B.Sc in Biotechnology. Though our main subject was Biotech we had to study Chemistry in the first year, which was thought to be exceedingly boring not only by me but the whole class. To add to the agony, the teacher himself had a dull and drab voice which forced us to sleep.

However, if we were caught sleeping we would have to face the teacher's scolding which, again, was a supreme torture.

But, one day my friends found a great way out of these torturous sessions. They decided that munching was the best way to bear the lecture and prevent ourselves from falling asleep.

So from that day onwards we used to keep the mouth working to keep our eyes open. Our life was going perfectly well. But every good thing has to end!

In preparation of the next lecture, which was Chemistry, we removed from our bags the pakodas that we had smuggled into the classroom and the more hungry amongst us had already started biting into them, when the peon saw us through the window. He gave us an evil smile and disappeared. This peon was a favourite of the Chemistry teacher and we realised that he had hurried away to tip him off.

The pakodas could not be simply thrown out of the window as that would have created a mess on the corridor. What were we to do?

We saw the teacher approaching and from the brisk manner of his walk, it was clear that we were in for trouble!

However, God sent us help in the form of Billu, our college dog. Billu used to roam around in the college and no one objected to it other than the peon. The peon and Billu were sworn enemies, a reason which naturally made the dog a great friend of ours. We, students, adopted him as our college dog and gave him things to eat.

Even as the professor neared the classroom, Billu came up to the window wagging his tail. All the pakodas were swiftly gathered and stealthily passed out of the window to Billu just as the teacher entered.

Without uttering a word, the teacher started taking rounds and checking the desks and benches. He found nothing incriminating. He peeked out into the corridor. It was spick and span. Billu had done his job well. It was not every day that he got to eat delicious pakodas!.

Though we were saved by Billu that day, we never again dared to begin our munching session.

Saving face

Let me tell you very frankly that I am not at all computer savvy. I prefer to play a game of hockey or football rather than stay cooped in a cubicle staring at a computer monitor.

But, my friends in college were just the opposite. They loved to sit in front of the computers for hours together, surfing social networking sites, playing games, and what not!

Their conversation, when not sitting in front of the terminals, always veered around the topic of computers. I, therefore, felt left out. I could not dare to open my mouth and join in the conversation as I was afraid I would only be showing my ignorance.

Most often my friends talked about Facebook. I gathered from their talk that Facebook is indeed a fascinating book. You could make friends while reading Facebook, you could send messages to friends using Facebook, you could read their messages ..... in fact, you could do a whole lot of things using a Facebook!

This Facebook must surely be the most wonderful book around, I thought. How could you use a book to make friends or send messages, was something beyond my comprehension.

I had a good mind to ask one of friends if he could lend me his Facebook for a day or two. But, I never picked up the courage to ask because Facebook, I then believed, should be in the possession of every college-going youth and anyone who did not have it, must be nuts. I did not wish to convey that I was a nut.

No, I had to acquire my own Facebook. But I did not know how much it cost nor did I dare to ask my friends the price. I began saving my pocket money and when I had collected an amount which I thought should be sufficient to buy me any book, I headed for the nearest book store.

"I want a Facebook," I demanded of the sales person.

He looked at me as if I had escaped from the zoo.

I repeated my demand, convinced that he had not heard me right.

He broke into a loud guffaw.

I looked at him amazed. What was there to laugh about?

Something was amiss. I asked him meekly whether all the Facebooks had been sold out.

The man had another hearty laugh at my expense. But, then, he explained everything to me.

Well, I did learn my lesson. Since then I have also taken an interest in computers. Now, I even know what is a mouse, and for that matter, I have a Facebook account too!

This reminds me of a joke:

Two mothers were discussing about their sons.

First mother: My son reads a lot and, yet, he has failed his examination.

Second mother: What does he read?

First mother: He reads Facebook.


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