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Picture of Munshi Premchand Jagatsingh hates school. He likes to play pranks and annoy people. His parents and siblings cannot tolerate his presence, and he has almost become an outcast. Jagatsingh falls prey to bad habits; he requires money to satisfy these habits. He steals money from home, and when he cannot lay hands on money he carries away utensils and clothes, which he sells to scrap dealers or dealers in second-hand goods.

Jagatsingh's father is employed in a post-office. Once he brings home a registered envelope belonging to a customer because it would have been unsafe to leave it in the post-office. Jagatsingh tears open the envelope and finds money inside. He regrets his act but conflicting thoughts overcrowd his mind and he, finally, takes all the money and runs away from home. Bhaktsingh, Jagatsingh's father, is held guilty of stealing the post-office customer's money and sentenced to five years imprisonment. Jagatsingh, meanwhile, enlists in the army and is required to serve in the then British-administered territory of Aden. Jagatsingh has committed many acts of bravery and is admired; he is a changed person! Jagatsingh looks back upon his life, and feels remorseful for causing so much grief to his father.

Bhaktsingh has completed his term and is set to be released. But he isn't keen on going home; his home is ruined. Memories of his estranged son came gushing to him: "What has become of the boy? He may be bad, but he is my son after all. He will at least shed a few tears when I die." Bhaktsingh walks out of the prison rather unwillingly - it had become a home for him all these years. Once outside the prison gates, he would be a destitute! But Bhaktsingh's fears are unfounded; Jagatsingh has come to take him home!

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An unusual morning walk!

Funny picture of dog wearing a hat It is awful to fall sick but then we do fall sick sometimes or the other. So it was with me and I had to remain in a hospital for a brief period. After the hospital stay, the medicines had to be continued for quite some time.I waited in queue to get the medicines from the hospital pharmacist. When my turn came I handed over the prescription to the pharmacist. After putting the medicines in a packet, he felt it his duty to explain how to take the medicines. The doctor had already explained this and the prescription was also quite clear, but the pharmacist was conscientious and he would not allow a school boy to leave his shop without understanding how to take the medicines.

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Quite a Climb!

Sinhagad fort in Pune Sunday saw Prashant in a mood to do some trekking. He decided to climb a nearby hill fort. Prashant reached the base of the fort and began his climb to the top. It took him three hours to reach the summit. He had started at 9am and it was at 12 noon he found himself at the top. Prashant spent a few hours exploring the fort, and then began the descent at 4pm. The descent was swifter. He was at the base at 6pm. The climb down had taken him two hours. On his way home, Prashant wondered if he had stayed at the fort overnight and started his descent at 9am the next day (the same time he had started climbing the fort), following the exact path he had taken on his climb, would there be any spot along the route where he would have found himself at the same time on both the days?

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