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cover picture of a book by Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay This is a feeble translation of a story by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. The story is about Lalu, a lad of ten or eleven years, whose head is always full of schemes to scare people. Once he scared his mother by putting a rubber snake near her. She was very angry and wanted to appoint a tutor who could come and teach him in the evening, and, thus, keep him out of mischief. Lalu's father was against this suggestion. So, thanks to his father, Lalu earned a temporary reprieve. But he nursed a grudge against his mother for trying to get a tutor for him. Lalu's father pulled down their old house and constructed a three-storied house in its place. Lalu's mother wished that her spiritual master would come to the new house and bless the family. The master, an old man, finally arrives after much persuasion and Lalu's mother is overjoyed. But, unfortunately, the joy is short-lived. The master spends a restless night - tortured all through the night by "raindrops" falling on his bed from a "cracked" ceiling. No matter where he shifted the bed, the raindrops kept falling. The old man had to climb out of his bed and go to the verandah where large mosquitoes made life miserable for him. But how could "raindrops" have fallen on the master's bed considering the fact that arrangements for his stay had been made on the ground floor of a three-storied house? There was an unmistakable "Lalu hand" in the whole affair! That suspicion proved true; it was indeed Lalu's doing. The poor master ended up being on the receiving end of lalu's grudge against his mother!

(This story is being republished)

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Latest fashion!

Funny picture of dog wearing a hat "That's a nice T-shirt you are wearing," Medha told me, and I was as pleased as punch. But why should she compliment me on such an old T-shirt I could not understand. I had been wearing it regularly and she had never complimented me before. So, what prompted her to comment on the T-shirt today? "Lovely T-shirt!" This time it was Jatin. Now, I had never known Jatin to compliment anyone. Jatin was one of those persons who believed that they were superior to the others and that even their choice of apparel or accessories was always the best. The T-shirt must indeed be very good if Jatin said so. But the compliment, coming so late, confounded me.

(This story is being republished)

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Sitting tight

Television set turned on for children Those were the days when there weren't a plethora of gadgets and devices. The television had just made its advent. Our neighbour bought a television set and immediately became the most important person in the neighbourhood. We children, there were eight of us, were allowed to sit in front of the television set in a single row. Can you figure out in how many different ways could we have arranged ourselves?

(This puzzle had been carried before and is being republished)

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