Talk Therapy!

After a hard day's work I was returning home on my motorcycle. I had purchased the vehicle only recently; like any new possession I loved the motorcycle dearly, and my heart bled if it suffered any scratch or dent. And, my heart bled quite often because it wasn't easy to protect the bike from unruly riders who believed they owned the roads. But, fortunately, till now the motorcycle had escaped with only minor scratches that were visible to my eyes alone.

So, there I was riding home on my new motorcycle. The bike accelerated smoothly and I felt as though I were flying. As I approached a crossroad, I saw the traffic signal turn red and accordingly, slowed down and brought the vehicle to a stop. But to my surprise the vehicle stopped, but then gave a sudden lurch and lunged forward. The vehicle seemed to have a mind of its own!

No, the assumption was wrong. What actually happened was that a car had nudged it from behind. All my maternal instincts were at once aroused and I got down to see whether my baby had suffered any injuries. The motorcycle seemed to have fended the assault quite well and there were no visible marks of injuries. Nevertheless, I was boiling with rage; the car driver did not have the common courtesy even to apologize.

I saw the car bore a registration number belonging to a different state. It was obvious that the car owner was a newcomer to my city and, in all probability, not accustomed to driving in such chaotic road conditions. I was ready to forgive him because it really takes a lot of skills to drive safely in my city where drivers think they own the roads.

But a word of apology would have been welcome. When it was not forthcoming I decided to give the car owner a piece of my mind. I turned towards the car owner with a sour expression on my face.

"Hi, can you tell me where to find a good restaurant?"

This question hit me even before I could open my mouth and give him a piece of my mind.

So, I spent the next few seconds informing him about all the wonderful restaurants nearby where he could enjoy a hearty meal.

Meanwhile, the traffic signal turned green and I had to move. The man drove past me. All my anger had evaporated. The man had not uttered a single word of apology!

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