Dashu's Madness

This is a picture of the 'Pagla Dashu' book cover Dashu is a loveable madcap character created by Sukumar Ray. Dashu loves to play pranks, and he likes to take sweet revenge on those who get on his wrong side. This story is about Dashu's revenge.

The boys have refused to allow Dashu to act in their play. The last time when he played the role of a general, Dashu had made a mess of everything. This time, the boys do not want to take any chance. But Dashu wants to act in the play, and when Dashu is determined to have his way, he usually gets it. Dashu works out such a scheme that on the day of the performance, the boys can do nothing but allow him to act.

Now that Dashu has got his way, things should have ended happily. But, no. Dashu cannot forget the insults that were thrown at him when he pleaded with the boys to give him a role. He takes his revenge. Dashu's revenge certainly left the boys sulking, but it might have provided some amusement to the audience.

(This story is being republished)

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What a Scare!

Funny picture of a dog wearing a hat It started as a sunny day made sunnier in the company of friends. But a short bus ride home after the party threatened to blot out the sun forever from my life.

A fortnight ago, I went to a get together with friends and was returning home quite late in the evening. I was travelling on a bus. The bus was full, and I had to travel standing.

En route, more commuters clamoured inside, and it became more uncomfortable. As my destination neared, I started inching towards the exit, but the crowded bus was making it a difficult task.

However, as I moved towards the exit, a boy, who was blocking the way, refused to budge. The boy, with neatly cropped hair, was wearing a jean shirt...

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Race Time!

Delicious laddoos It was the annual sports meet in school. Rohan and Amit were the top contenders in the 2-kilometre race. We were all excited as to who will win the race; will it be Rohan, or will it be Amit?

There were quite a few events before the 2-kilometre race. At last, the athletes lined up for the cream event, and the whistle blew to mark the start of the race.

It turned out to be a damp squib! Amit was nowhere near his best, and Rohan beat him easily; by two minutes! If Amit had run 2 km/hr faster and if Rohan had run slower by 2 km/hr, then Amit would have beaten Rohan by two minutes. What are the speeds of Amit and Rohan?

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