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Picture of Munshi Premchand This is only a feeble translation of "Eidgah", a story by Munshi Premchand. The objective is to urge readers to read the original, or better translations. The story centres around Hamid, an orphan boy around five years old who is looked after by his grandmother. The grandmother, Ameena, is poor and has to struggle hard to make ends meet. Today is Eid, but there is nothing in the house with which to celebrate the occasion. Ameena yearns for her son Abid; if only Abid had been here things would have been so much better.

Hamid is going to the mosque along with the other villagers. After the prayers, the children will enjoy themselves at the fair. Ameena has saved some money, and she gives Hamid three paise so that the little boy can buy some toy or sweets at the fair. Hamid feels very happy, and he skips along with the other boys; these boys have more money than him. At the fair, the other boys enjoy a ride on the merry-go-round; but, Hamid cannot indulge in such fun because he has only three paise. The other boys buy toys. Hamid longs to hold a toy in his hands, but his wish remains unfulfilled. He must not waste his three paise on such trivial pleasures. After buying toys, the other boys move on to buy sweets. Hamid clings on to his three paise. No, he must not waste the money on buying sweets. The other boys make fun of him. They pretend to offer a portion of their sweets to him, but when Hamid stretches his hand to take, they instantly put the sweets into their own mouths.

The boys move ahead to enjoy a glass of juice. Hamid lingers behind and observes some tongs displayed in a hardware store. All at once the boy thinks of his grandmother; he thinks about how she burns her fingers while baking bread. If she has a pair of tongs, she will not burn her fingers. He must buy a pair of tongs. But the tongs cost six paise. The little boy haggles with the shop owner who agrees to sell the tongs for three paise.

Hamid returns home. Ameena wants to know why he spent his money on buying a pair of tongs. When Hamid tells her the reason, Ameena is overcome with emotions and she starts crying like a child. The five-year-old boy had resisted all temptations to buy toys and sweets, and had instead thought of his grandmother and bought her a pair of tongs. The boy had shown maturity beyond his years!

(This story is being republished)

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Favourite Corner!

Funny picture of dog wearing a hat A few months ago, a close relative of mine fell ill and was admitted to the hospital. We took turns to be with the sick person at the hospital during the night time. When it was my turn to be with the relative, I reached the hospital in the evening. The patient was progressing well. After meals, the relative fell asleep. I tip-toed out of the ward and made for the waiting room outside.

There were four sofas arranged on four sides so as leave a wide rectangular space within; there was a low glass-topped table in the centre. One of the sofas was pressed against the wall, and the wall had a socket. Great! I needed to charge my mobile. I plugged in the mobile charger to the socket, picked up the newspaper left on the table by some kindly soul, sat on the sofa, and busied myself in solving the crossword puzzle. There was no one else, and all the other sofas were unoccupied...

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A Family Affair!

An assortment of tools, instruments, and gowns used by professionals including 
a pen, stethescope, a musical instrument, and a lawyer's gown My friend, 'F', has invited me to his home for a birthday party. There are six members in the family - all of them adults. A highly-respected family, all the members are professionals. I can't name them because that will reveal their genders. I would, therefore, like to call them A, B, C, D, E and F (who is my friend).

All the six members, as I have already stated, are professionals. There is in the family an architect, a doctor, an engineer, a classical singer, a lawyer, and a journalist. The task is to determine the profession of each member, their gender, and the relationships among them from the given clues...

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