This is a picture of Rabindranath Tagore "Please take the blame for the murder on yourself; I will save you." What a request to make to one's wife!

We have attempted to translate "Shashti", a story by Rabindranath Tagore, into English. But it is only a poor translation. The objective is merely to spur readers into reading the original story in Bengali or better translations.

The story is about two brothers, two sisters-in-law, a murder, and a lie. Chandara is no meek wife who obeys her husband without asking any questions. Will she obey him now? or will she disregard him? This story explores the nuances of human relationships.

"Shashti", the title of the story, would translate into "punishment" or "the sentence". It is not a very captivating title, but the story is all about punishment. It is not only about the sentence that the court awards to the accused; it is also about the punishment, which the wife inflicts upon her insensitive husband.

Gurudev Tagore painted pictures with words. While reading the original story, I felt as though I was among the bystanders who were watching Chandara as the police led her away.

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Stop Being Judgmental

Buses at a bus station There have been several occasions when I was at the receiving end of a misunderstanding. That should have taught me that it is dangerous to be judgmental and to jump to conclusions. But, no. Despite being a victim of misunderstandings, I have not been able to stop being judgmental. I suppose it is human nature.

This incident happened several decades ago. I completed school, and it was now time to join a college.

After studying in a school that was known for its strict discipline, college life was absolute freedom.

The college was around seven kilometers from home, and I had to take a bus every day. There were quite a few bullies in the college, and I felt scared of them.

One day, the classes got over early, and I took a bus back home. Some boys surrounded me when I got out of the bus at the stop; they were from the same college and seemed to have traveled on the same bus. One of them punched me hard on the face...

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A Cycling Trip

My neighbour's bicycles Rohan wanted his dad to buy him a bicycle. The ten-year-old boy studied in a school that was three miles away from home. After school, he went for music classes and to the sports ground. He had to do a lot of traveling.

"I have to travel a lot; a bicycle would be very convenient," Rohan told his dad.

Vilas, Rohan's dad, promised to buy him a bicycle. But there were no stores in the vicinity. Vilas felt tired after returning from work and did not feel like going to the city centre to buy a bicycle. So, he kept telling his son they would go some other day. Rohan had almost given up hope of getting a cycle.

A new store, which sold bicycles and tricycles, recently opened in the vicinity. Rohan's birthday was only a few days away; Vilas decided to gift a cycle to his son.

It was a good store. There were only bicycles and tricycles. Rohan went around to select a cycle for himself while Vilas busied himself with counting the number of wheels and pedals...

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