The Nuisance

This is a picture of Rabindranath Tagore Too much of anything is bad. And that includes affection.

Aapod, which would translate into "nuisance" in English, is a story written by Rabindranath Tagore in 1895. It was first published in Sadhana, a monthly publication, which used to be edited by Gurudev. The story dwells on the complex theme of human relations and an entire gamut of human emotions: mercy, kindness, loyalty, jealousy, and shame.

Kiron and Sharat are a wealthy couple. Kiron is unwell, and the doctor has advised a change of air. The couple, along with Sharat's mother, has taken up temporary residence at Chandannagar. Many days have passed, and Kiron has recovered, but she is still weak. Kiron is bored with the lonely life and wants to return home. But Sharat wants her to stay back for some more time till she regains strength. This subject is a constant source of argument between the two.

There is a storm, and a boat has capsized. A boy has managed to swim ashore and has taken refuge in the garden belonging to the estate where Kiron and Sharat are staying. The boy is an orphan and works in a theatre troupe. Kiron feels a surge of sympathy and affection for the boy and takes him under her care.

If an orphan and destitute boy finds shelter with a wealthy family, then all his troubles should be over. Or is it?

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Jumping to Conclusions

My motorcycle Whew! I almost got thrashed a few days ago because of my habit of jumping to conclusions.

My cat Tepi's food was over, and I had to go to the pet store to buy the food. I pulled out my motorcycle and rode to the pet store.

The store was quite close to my house, and I could have walked. But it had rained; the road was wet, and there were puddles of water. I did not want to walk on the messy road.

There were shops almost touching the road on either side. There was no place where I could park my motorcycle without causing inconvenience to other vehicle drivers.

There was a small piece of open land. It led to a cattle shed, which was situated about 10-15 metres away. A man was brushing the animals.

Two cars were alread parked on the open land. But there was enough space to accommodate my motorcycle. As I was getting the vehicle on the centre stand, the man started yelling at me. I was wearing a mask. Anyway, I am short of hearing, and he was at some distance. I could not make out what he was saying. But I inferred he was telling me not to park my motorcycle.

That made me furious...

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Enjoy the Flight!

An aeroplane in flight My uncle, who loves to put me in a tight corner by asking me maths puzzles, arrived on his annual visit to us. This time, he came by air. Imagine that! I have never been anywhere near an aircraft, leave alone travelling on one.

Do you know how many people were there on the plane with me?" my uncle asked.

How could I know? I said so.

Well, there were 20 rows of seats in the plane. All the rows had the same number of seats. The total number of seats in each row was the greatest number that divides 34, 43, 70, 124, and 358 and leaves the same remainder in each case. Now, tell me how many passengers were there on the plane.

Can you help me figure out the total number of passengers on the plane?

Please solve

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