Honesty's Reward

This is a picture of Premchand It takes guts to tell the truth; this is especially true when you know that telling the truth could cause you harm, but you have to reveal it for the general good.

"Honesty's Reward" is a poor translation of "Sachchai ka Uphaar", a story by Munshi Premchand. The objective is to spur readers to read the original story, or better translations. The story affirms that honesty is indeed the best policy.

Bhavanisahay, the headmaster of the tehsil school, has created a small garden. He takes the help of his pupils to take care of the garden. Most boys enjoy working in the garden, but a few of them think it is beneath their dignity. This group of boys destroys the garden so that they don't have to work there anymore.

Bajbahadur, their classmate, witnesses the destruction. The boys first try to win him over to their side, but Bajbahadur tells them he would tell the truth if Bhavanisahay asks him. The boys threaten that they would beat him if he spills the beans.

Bhavanisahay is angry; he threatens to punish every boy if no one told him the truth. Yet no one dares to open their mouth even though everybody knows who the culprits are. Bhavanisahay asks Bajbahadur, and he tells the truth because, otherwise, the innocent pupils would get punished. The headmaster punishes the guilty boys.

The boys take their revenge by beating up Bajbahadur. But that is not the end of the story. Bajbahadur, eventually, does get a reward for his honesty.

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Jumping to Conclusions

An auto-rickshaw Jumping to conclusions has landed me in trouble on many occasions.

A few days ago, I woke up in the morning to find my sister in a breathless state. She told me she was cleaning the bathroom with a floor cleaner. Our bathroom has no proper ventilation. Sister thought her respiratory distress was owing to the toxic vapours of the floor cleaner.

I felt panicked because sister also suffers from a heart ailment.

I took her to the neighborhood physician, who assured us it was nothing serious. But the physician advised me to take sister to a hospital because she suffered from a heart ailment.

"They will only keep her under observation for an hour or two," the physician said.

There was no large hospital nearby, so I took my sister to a small nursing home at the physician's suggestion.

The doctor at the nursing home said my sister would have to stay overnight. After her condition stabilized, I left for home to bring her food ...

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At Fours and Eights

Numbers from 400 to 600 My friend, Shashi, likes to play with numbers. For him, maths is a hobby. Can you believe that?

He has spoiled many of my Sundays by making me work on maths problems. So, I feel scared of going to his house.

But friends are forever, and you can't stop visiting your friends — by the way, I am talking about pre-Covid days.

So, I went to Shashi's house on a Sunday and immediately regretted doing so.

Shashi, as usual, was scribbling away furiously. When he saw me, his eyes gleamed in pleasure at finding a prey.

Without even inviting me to sit down, he gave me a paper and pen and said, "A boy is writing down numbers from 400 to 599. While writing down the numbers, he mistakenly writes eight every time instead of four. What is the total number of eights he has written?"

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