Checking answers!

Nasruddin was wholly unprepared for the examination. But he was a brave boy and instead of running away to the nearest cinema hall, he entered the examination hall.

The professor distributed the question papers and Nasruddin saw that it was an objective test and he had only to mark "True" or "False" as the answers. That's easy, Nasruddin thought to himself and he settled down to answer the questions by flipping a coin. The strategy was simple. If the flipped coin showed a head, the answer was "True", else if the coin showed tail, the answer was "False".

So, while the others sat chewing their nails, Nasruddin began furiously tossing the coin and he had completed the examination within 30 minutes! But he did not leave the hall and continued to flip the coin.

By then, the two hours were over and the other students had left but Nasruddin was at his task with a concerned look on his face. The professor was watching him all the while and at the end of the scheduled time, walked up to his desk. "I can see that you have not studied for this test. You are just flipping a coin for your answer, then what is taking you so long?" the professor asked.

In the midst of flipping the coin again, Nasruddin replied, "Just five minutes, Sir. I am almost done. I am only checking my answers.

Very fast!

A Japanese tourist hailed a cab in Delhi and asked to be taken to the airport.

On the way, a car whizzed by, and the tourist was excited, "Oh! a Toyota - that is made in Japan! Very fast!"

After a while, another car shot past the taxi. "Oh! Nissan - that is also made in Japan! Very fast!" the thrilled Japanese tourist remarked.

"Mitsubishi - Made in Japan! Very fast!" the Japanese tourist yelled in delight as a third car overtook the cab and disappeared in the distance.

The cab driver was patriotic to the core, and he felt annoyed that all the Japanese-made cars should be passing by on a day when he had a Japanese in his cab. A fourth car passed by as the cab almost reached the airport. "Honda - Made in Japan! Very fast!" the tourist was ecstatic.

On reaching the airport, the taxi driver stopped the car, and demanded to be paid Rs 500."

"Rupees 500 for such a short ride!" the tourist was taken aback.

The taxi driver pointed at the meter and with a proud smile replied, "Meter - Made in India. Very fast!"

The signature

A learned man from a neighbouring village had been invited by Mullah Nasruddin to his house for lunch as well as for an intellectual debate.

The day and time was fixed and the man promised to be at Nasruddin's door on the appointed day and appointed time.

True to his word, the man reached Nasruddin's house on the given day but was shocked to find that the door was locked. Mullah Nasruddin was nowhere to be seen!

"Perhaps, Nasruddin had to rush off for an important unforseen errand and would be back soon," the man thought and decided to wait.

But, even after waiting for over an hour, there was still no sign of Mullah Nasruddin!

Now, the man was really angry!

"After calling me over for lunch, he has gone off without even leaving a message," the man fumed.

In his anger, the man picked up a chalk and scribbled the words "Stupid Fool" on Mullah Nasruddin's door and stomped off.

When the Mullah returned in the evening, he read the words on the door. He had actually forgotten all about the appointment and immediately realised who may have scribbled the message after a moment's thought.

Mullah Nasruddin hurried to the man's house. When the man emerged upon hearing the knocks on his door, he found the Mullah standing before him.

"I am very sorry for not remembering that you were coming for lunch to my house," Mullah Nasruddin told the man. "But, I realised that you had come upon seeing your signature on my door," the Mullah fired his parting shot and left.


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