February 2012

Switch on the lights


I have a lovely roof-top garden which is illuminated by three incandescent bulbs at three different corners.

However, the problem is that the switches of these bulbs are situated downstairs and I keep forgetting which switch corresponds to which bulb with the result that I switch on all the light bulbs thereby wasting a lot of power.

I have decided to mark the switches so that I light only that bulb which is situated in the corner where I wish to spend a pleasant evening.

But, I am a lazy person and do not wish to make two or more trips to the roof top to determine which switch corresponds to which bulb. I want to find this out by making only a single trip to the roof top (I am carrying out this experiment in broad daylight and, so, I cannot see which bulb lights up when I press on a switch while standing downstairs).

Anyway, can you help me determine which switch belongs to which bulb by making just one trip to the roof top?

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