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March 2016

Irrepressible Lalu

Books This is a feeble translation of a story by Saratchandra Chattopadhyay. Lalu is a daredevil. He has a big heart as well, always willing to help people. But he has one deadly fault! If ever he comes across an opportunity to scare someone, he cannot resist that urge; then he does not spare anyone, whether they be young, old or his elders. Manohar Chatterjee is celebrating "Kali Puja" in his house; he must sacrifice a lamb. But the man who carries out the sacrifices is ill. Someone suggests Lalu's name since he had done such things in the past. But Lalu refuses to come; however ordered by his father he has to go. Chatterjee is relieved when he sees Lalu arrrive; but, after that day, he never again offered animal sacrifice to the Goddess. Please read the story to know why Chatterjee gave up that practice.

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A s(h)ocking tale!

Laughing face I don't approve of this method of obtaining a seat in a train, but a friend found it useful and explained the method to me with a straight face. The friend was then a student in a college which was about 100 kilometres away from his hometown. He, therefore, lived in a hostel. He loved it; it gave him a thrill of freedom to be away from his family. A number of classmates from school had enrolled in the same college, and so there was never a dull moment. Now, 100 kilometres is hardly any distance ..... just a matter of two hours in a train. But they avoided coming home during the weekends, explaining to their parents they had a lot of assignments to complete and submissions to make. Long vacations, like the summer vacations, were a different matter. They had to return home! And this is how they secured seats in the train.

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Generosity exists!

Tea cup It was a Sunday, and we nine friends (including myself) went to the sports stadium to watch a football match. After the match, we went to a nearby cafeteria for coffee and some snacks. I went rather unwillingly because I was almost broke; I had only 30 rupees in my pocket. Even before placing the order, we had agreed that each of us would pay an equal share of the bill. I made it clear that I had only 30 rupees and couldn't pay more. Harish always seemed to have lots of money. "Don't worry," he assured, "A cup of coffee and some snacks wouldn't cost more than 30 rupees each. Please help me figure out the bill amount.

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