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June 2016

Daughter of a great house

Books This is a poor translation of "Bade ghar ki beti", a story by Munshi Premchand. The objective is merely to exhort readers to read the original or better translations. This is a simple story about the power of forgiveness. Anandi is a rich man's daughter who is used to the luxuries of life. She is married into a middle-class family, but quickly adjusts to the simple living. One day she is insulted by her head-strong brother-in-law who hurls his sandals at her. The incident threatens to divide the joint family. Anandi's husband is an advocate of the joint family system but Anandi, herself, somewhat differs on this view. The incident, therefore, should have been an opportunity for her to separate. But Anandi shows much wisdom; she swallows her pride, forgives her brother-in-law, and saves the joint family from disintegration.

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Test ride!

Picture of a motorcycle My motorcycle had served me faithfully for ten years. I thought it would be wise to retire it and buy a new workhorse. So, during the weekend, I visited the nearest motorcycle showroom to inquire about a new bike. They had a kind of exchange offer: they were willing to buy my old bike; I would have to pay that much amount less when buying the new bike from them. An employee came along and inspected my bike; after a thorough scrutiny he made his offer. The price he offered was far less than what I had expected. But, I did not have the inclination to find a customer on my own and, so, agreed to the price. I selected a motorcycle and was invited by the salesman to have a test ride. What a test ride it was!

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4 = 5; where's the catch?

Math problem My friend was at it again; this time he was bent upon convincing me that 4 = 5! "Hey, I can prove that 4 = 5," he said. I was reading a very interesting story book, and I wanted him to go away. But you have to be civil; you can't tell your friends to go away, especially those friends who lend you story books. The story book I was reading had, in fact, been borrowed from him. I suppressed a sigh, and trying to appear curious I asked him to show me how four could equal five. He showed and it seemed convincing. But I am sure there's a catch somewhere. Please help me find the error.

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