January 2014


"One day I went to watch a play with my friends; I reminded Mohan to have his meals before he went to bed. When I returned at 3am, I found him wide awake. I asked him why he did not sleep. "I couldn't sleep," was his meek reply. I stopped watching plays from that day onwards. Children have a deep hunger for love and affection - a hunger that no toys or sweets can satiate. A mother's lap is more precious to the children than all the riches in the world. Mohan was always hungry for love. Mohan had clung to me like a tendril, and if I had tried to detach him from me, he would have been torn into pieces. Mohan remained with me for three years, and, after bringing light into my life, he himself merged into the darkness forever. Perhaps, God had sent him to make me conscious of my responsibilities; once that objective was attained why should he have remained?"

"It was the summer vacation - Mohan had stayed with me during the previous two summer vacations too; he did not go home despite uncle's insistence. This time around, my friends made plans to visit Kashmir, and I was entrusted the responsibility of organising the tour. I had always wanted to visit Kashmir, so I did not want to let go this opportunity. I sent Mohan home and left for Kashmir."

"Returning back after two months, I learned Mohan was ill. While in Kashmir, Mohan's thoughts always tormented me and I wished to cut my tour short. But my friends would not allow me to return. Upon learning about his illness, I immediately went to uncle's house on the following day. His body had wasted away owing to illness but he brightened up on seeing me. I rushed forward and held him in a gentle embrace. There was an ethereal gleam in his eyes that gave a foreboding of his impending death. 'What have you done to yourself in these two months?' I asked him unable to control my emotions. 'You went on a tour to Kashmir, I am preparing for a tour of the sky,' he said with a smile."

"I do not wish to make you weep by narrating this sad story. But, after I left for Kashmir, Mohan started studying so intensely as if it was some sort of penance. All that he wished was to hear a word of praise from me for his efforts. Uncle was so immersed in his work that he could not find time to spend with Mohan."

"Mohan began developing fever. In spite of this condition, whenever the fever lessened he would start reading his books. He constantly inquired about me from the domestic helps. 'Has there been any letter from brother? When will he come back?' he would ask them. Had I known my Kashmir tour would be an unhappy one, I would never have gone there. I tried my best to save Mohan but he had contracted typhoid and it took his life. His dreams, like the blessings of a sage, spurred me into doing my best, and it is for this reason that you find me in my present position. His pure soul must be rejoicing at my progress, and I feel satisfied that I have been able to fulfill his dreams. It was because of his inspiring influence that I could pass even the most difficult examinations; else I would still have been the same stupid Suryaprakash at whose sight you used to squirm."

Since that day, I have met Suryaprakash on numerous occasions. Whenever he came to the village, Suryaprakash would not return back without visiting me. He still considers Mohan as his guardian angel. Human nature is a mystery - a riddle that I have been unable to solve till today.


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