October 2013

Science: Data from NASA's Curiosity rover has revealed the Martian environment lacks methane. This is a surprise to researchers because previous data reported by US and international scientists indicated positive detections. Read more ....

If you got beat up by a bully on your walk home from school every day, you would probably become very afraid of the spot where you usually met him. However, if the bully moved out of town, you would gradually cease to fear that area. Read more ....

Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope and Chandra X-ray Observatory and telescopes on the ground may have found the most crowded galaxy in our part of the universe. Read more .....

Many viruses and bacteria infect humans through mucosal surfaces, such as those in the lungs, gastrointestinal tract and reproductive tract. To help fight these pathogens, scientists are working on vaccines that can establish a front line of defense at mucosal surfaces. Read more ....

Is your cable television on the fritz? One explanation, scientists suspect, may be the weather - the weather in space, that is. Read more ....

Cheetahs A study by University of Georgia ecologists has found that diversity in mammal immune system genes may have more to do with the opportunity to choose a mate than with exposure to parasites. Read more ....

Humour: Locked out of your own house can be an alarming eperience, especially if you are new to the neighbourhood where neighbours are yet to make your acquaintance. I should know because I have gone through that embarrassing situation. Read more ....


"At this point, I must tell you of a small matter which is important. I had in the meanwhile entered the Doctor's dispensary and obtained some powder. Without the Doctor's knowledge I mixed some of the powder in his drink. I had learned from the Doctor which powder was poisonous and caused death."

"The Doctor drained his glass and throwing a despondent glance at me said, 'Okay, I am leaving.'"

"The music played on. I draped myself in an expensive sari; removed all my jewellery from the chest and wore them; I applied 'sindoor (vermilion)' along the parting of my hair, and then went to the garden and spread the bed cover."

"It was a very beautiful night, made more splendorous by the streaming moonlight. A gentle breeze blew as if carrying with it all the weariness of the world. The whole garden reveled in the fragrance of jasmine flowers."

"The sound of music gradually faded and seemed to be coming from very far away, the moon disappeared and it grew dark. When the earth, carrying away the sky and the eternal homes, began to melt away before my eyes like an illusion, I closed my eyes and smiled."

"It was my desire that when people found me, this smile like a colourful intoxicant would continue to remain on my lips. It was my wish that when I slowly entered the bedecked eternal bridal chamber after marriage, I would carry this smile with me. But where is the bedecked room! Where is my wedding trousseau! All that I could hear was a rattling sound coming from within me and waking up to the sound I saw three boys using me to study osteology! I saw a teacher indicating with his pointing stick to the spot where my heart used to be - the heart which held my sorrows and happiness and where every petal of my youth blossomed - and telling the students the names of the bones. There was no sign of the last smile that I had brought to my lips."

"How was the story?"

I said, "Delightful. It was very amusing."

Just then I heard the cawing of the early crow. I asked, "Are you still there?" But I did not receive any answer. The first rays of the sun peeked into the room.

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