February 2014

Bee Science: Huge swaths of the agricultural industry depend on the humble honeybee. According to the USDA, "about one mouthful in three in our diet directly or indirectly benefits from honey bee pollination." Biologists at Stanford are now looking into how the tiny ecosystems in the nectar of flowers affect the bees' dining preferences. Their work suggests bees may be picky pollinators, and their fussiness could confound complications from colony collapse disorder. Read more ....

Mono Lake Buried deep in the mud along the banks of a remote salt lake near Yosemite National Park are colonies of bacteria with an unusual property: they breathe a toxic metal to survive. Researchers from the University of Georgia discovered the bacteria on a recent field expedition to Mono Lake in California, and their experiments with this unusual organism show that it may one day become a useful tool for industry and environmental protection. Read more ....

Cross-section of hippocampus Suppose you heard the sound of skidding tires, followed by a car crash. The next time you heard such a skid, you might cringe in fear, expecting a crash to follow - suggesting that somehow, your brain had linked those two memories so that a fairly innocuous sound provokes dread. Read more .....

NASA's Opportunity rover New findings from rock samples collected and examined by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity have confirmed an ancient wet environment that was milder and older than the acidic and oxidizing conditions told by rocks the rover examined previously. Read more ....

Kornberg In a finding that directly contradicts the standard biological model of animal cell communication, UCSF scientists have discovered that typical cells in animals have the ability to transmit and receive biological signals by making physical contact with each other, even at long distance. Read more ....


The invisible spirits who had rushed past me and flung themselves into the Shusta River did not retrace their steps; they were blown away just as the breeze carries away any scent.

I was deeply worried that my loneliness had probably caused me to wander into the realm of poets. I am a humble tax collector; this sudden whim for poetry was out to destroy my peace. I must have a good meal, I said to myself. An empty stomach is the repository of all kinds of illnesses. I called my cook and asked him to prepare a Mughlai dish rich in spices.

Waking up the next day the whole incident appeared to be ludicrous. In a happy frame of mind, I put on my sola hat and driving the carriage on my own, I proceeded to my work-place. I had to file my quarterly report on that day and, therefore, was likely to be delayed. But even before the evening set in, I felt a strong desire to return to the house. It was such a strong urge that I felt I could not dally. Leaving my report uncompleted, I returned to the house.

The hall opposite the landing was very large. The silence in this hall, which was supported by three rows of huge pillars, was always resounding owing to its largeness. On that evening, the lamps had still not been lighted. When I pushed the door open and entered, I sensed a great commotion - as if a meeting had suddenly been disrupted and the people were rushing out of doors and windows and all other possible exits. I could see nothing and, so, the feeling caused me to remain transfixed where I was. While standing in the middle of that large, uninhabited room I could hear the sound of water from a fountain crashing against white marbles, someone was playing the sitar, there was the clanging sound of large bells, I could hear caged birds singing, and the call of the storks in the garden reached my ears creating a nether world.

I was so enchanted that I felt that this untouchable unreality was the only truth in this world, and everything else was an illusion. The fact that I was myself - that is, I was Mr so and so, that I was the eldest son of Mr so and so, that I was tax collector earning 450 rupees, and that I went to office in a carriage wearing a sola hat - all these seemed ridiculous to me, and I stood in the middle of the large room laughing my head off.

Just then, my servant entered the room with a lighted lamp. I do not know whether he took me for a mad man but instantly everything came back to me - my name, my father's name, and I also remembered that I was tax collector earning 450 rupees as salary by collecting cotton duties from the markets in Barich. I picked up the newspaper, and sitting by the lamp laughed recalling my mesmeric experience of a few moments ago.


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