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Daughter of a great house

Picture of Munshi Premchand This is a poor translation of "Bade ghar ki beti", a story by Munshi Premchand. The objective is merely to exhort readers to read the original or better translations. This is a simple story about the power of forgiveness. Anandi is a rich man's daughter and is used to the luxuries of life. She is married into an ordinary joint family, but quickly adjusts to the simple living. One day she is insulted by her head-strong brother-in-law who hurls his sandals at her over a trivial issue. Anandi's husband is a supporter of the joint family system but Anandi, herself, somewhat differs on this matter. The incident, however, enrages Anandi's husband to such an extent that he forgets about his advocacy of the joint family system, and is determined to separate. Thus, the incident threatens to divide the joint family. This should have been satisfactory to Anandi who did not completely agree with her husband's views on the joint family system; it provided her with an opportunity to separate. But Anandi shows much wisdom; she swallows her pride, forgives her brother-in-law, and saves the joint family from disintegrating. A word on the title. But be warned this is a personal interpretation which you may not find satisfactory. "Bade ghar ki beti" could have been translated as "The rich man's daughter" or something like that. But, I don't think the story is about wealth or money; rather, it deals with the joint family system or a large family, and the nobleness of character. "Greatness" or "great" signifies both these meanings - largeness and nobleness. So I think the title "Daughter of a great house" is apt.

(This story is being republished with a summary)

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Disadvantages of technology!

Workstation consisting of a computer It was a tiring day at the office, and I was still immersed neck-deep in work. I needed a break. A refreshing cup of tea and a brisk five-minute walk is what I urgently needed at the moment. My office is located on the fifth floor of a building, and the tea-stall is situated across the road. I, therefore, prefer to have some company while going out for tea. I punched a message on the keyboard inviting Rakesh, my office colleague, to accompany me knowing fully well that he too craves for a "cuppa" at this time of the hour. "Hi, care for some tea?" I clicked on the "send" button, and sent the message across the office's internal communication system.

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A fruity tale

A fruit stall displaying fruits Kharatmal is a fruit seller who sells fruit in our neighbourhood. One day Kharatmal had to go out of town with his family. But he did not wish to lose on business. Therefore, he asked Popatram, his domestic help, to sell the apples while he was away. Of course, Popatram would receive a commission. But there was a problem! Popatram had never been to school and could not count beyond ten. Therefore, Kharatmal did not wish to burden Popatram with too much responsibility. He told Popatram to sell only the apples. People, usually, purchased fewer than ten apples and, so, Popatram's arithmetic would not be put to test. Despite all caution, Popatram's arithmetic was put to test! Please help Popatram count the apples.

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