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April 2016

Two brothers

Books This is a feeble translation of "Do bhai", a story by Munshi Premchand. The objective is merely to acquaint readers with Premchand's stories, and exhort them to read the original or better translations. The story is about two brothers who as children are the best of friends but who as adults find it impossible to live in the same house even. Just one small remark: the story makes liberal mention of sums of money, like 125 rupees, which might seem insignificant today; but they must have been significant amounts during Munshi Premchand's times.

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Favourite corner!

Laughing face A few months ago, a close relative of mine fell ill and had to be admitted to the hospital. We took turns to be with the sick person at the hospital during the night time. When it was my turn to be with the relative, I reached the hospital in the evening. The patient was progressing well. After the meals, the relative fell asleep. I tip-toed out of the ward and made for the waiting room outside. There were four sofas arranged on four sides so as leave a wide rectangular space within; there was a low glass-topped table in the centre. One of the sofas was pressed against the wall, and the wall had a socket. Great! I needed to charge my mobile. I plugged in the mobile charger to the socket, picked up the newspaper left on the table by some kindly soul, sat on the sofa, and busied myself in solving the crossword puzzle. There was no one else, and all the other sofas were unoccupied .........

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There's a catch somewhere!

Puzzle statement "I can prove that 1 = 2," my friend declared. Now, math has always been my weak spot and I wasn't very keen on listening to him rambling. "I will give you a treat if you catch the error," he said. That caught my attention. My stomach is also my weak spot, and it always demands something or the other. "Okay, go ahead," I said. "Even with my poor knowledge of math I am sure I can detect any error if somebody tries to prove that 1 = 2," I said. He started off by telling me that x = y and, then, did all kinds of multiplications and subtractions and ended up with 2 = 1. I couldn't detect errors in any of the steps; but I was sure he had pulled a fast one on me. Please help me catch the error.

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